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A Mombasa-bound Bus Full of Passengers Bursts Into Flames on Its Way to the Coastal City

After the bus they were traveling in caught fire on the Nairobi-Mombasa Highway, the passengers who were headed to Mombasa are fortunate to still be alive.

A representative from Tahmeed Bus Company confirmed that there were only a few minor injuries and no fatalities.

In the early hours of Monday morning, the incident occurred near Tsavo National Park.

There were no fatalities, but there were only minor injuries.Only one or two passengers were affected by the injuries.

We still lack additional information because authorities are investigating.Additionally, we have no idea what caused the fire,” the representative stated.

Even though police have begun an investigation, the fire's cause has not been determined. The incident occurred just a few months after another bus carrying 45 passengers caught fire in May 2022.

The incident occurred near a gas station on the Nairobi-Kisumu Highway.A tyre burst, and the bus reportedly caught fire.

The police began an investigation into the fire's cause after all passengers were safely evacuated.

Witnesses told the media that the bus fire quickly spread, destroying some of the luggage on board.

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