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SAMUEL MAINGI, a Kirinyaga businessman, dies after being poisoned by two slay queens he picked up from a party and took to his matrimonial house while his wife was abroad (PHOTOs)

Police are on the trail of two young women suspected of drugging a Kirinyaga businessman during a drinking session in Kagio town.

The deceased businessman, known as Samuel Irungu, 59, was discovered dead at his house on Thursday morning and the incident was reported to Kiamaciri Police Station.

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Irungu was observed drinking with two females in a pub on Wednesday night.

He subsequently purchased takeaway drinks and left the club with the girls for his place.

The heartless females are accused of drugging him and robbing him of an undetermined quantity of money and other items before fleeing unobserved.

On Thursday morning, his nude body was discovered in his bed by family members.

His empty wallet was also discovered in the residence, as were his personal documents, which were thrown across the floor.

"When we came in, there were bottles of beer on the table, clothing, and an empty wallet," his brother explained.

"When we checked in the bedroom, we found Irungu dead and decided that he most likely died after being poisoned by the two females from Nairobi," the deceased's brother continued.

Irungu's wife was not present when the incident occurred.

"I'm still reeling from what happened to my spouse," she added.

The images of the dead businessman are shown below.

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